Changing workouts

So today,and yesterday , I’ve really put some thought into altering my workouts slightly. I’m a long sprinter and really focus on races in the 400m range, 500m and below. I also do the 400 hurdles.
Anyways its absolutely crucial that I have a solid strength foundation on top of a great endurance foundation.
If you use the building a tower analogy, long sprints would definitely be the twin towers.
So I’ve really been thinking about pushing towards a bodyweight dominant workout routine aside from my running workouts. I would still include staple compounds , such as: Squat, bench press, dead lifts and etc…
The goal of this would to
A) build my muscle mass slightly with ought gaining too much excessive weight ,and also build my strength as much as possible without sacrificing endurance. ALL WHILE LOWERING BF%(crucial)
B) build endurance in my muscles as well as in my running to achieve a certain foundation.

Okay I know that seems like an awful lot , but it should be a multi-phase plan that I really think will work! However that’s not always the case. So I will diligently keep notes and track progress and tweak anything that needs tweaking!

I will post the schedule hopefully in the next post for you guys! And if you’d like Follow along with me and let me know your thoughts and opinions

Thanks everyone! Keep on running

Rupert -An athlete, a writer , a Learner of life