The night I dreamt my race.

Here I am, running across fields. I can smell the grass clearly as if held to my nose. I see every flower along the way.  I see each dandelion, every tulip, and every rose. I feel the breeze blowing silently passed my face—chilling my nose more and more as I run.

I’m racing a 5k but my mind continues to wander. It wanders to each and every bump in the ground;small or large. I see each and every tree in the woods.I focus on every root in the earth, expressing care on foot placement. I’m alone. I must be gapped for I haven’t seen another racer in quite awhile.

I focus my mind on every turn—the width,the length and every aspect of the turn. Its seems like no detail can escape my senses on this course. Memorizing each detail oh so perfectly.

I approach a hill and suddenly the unexpected happens. I remembered I am dreaming and I’m not currently in a race. I assumed I would then wake up—I assumed entirely wrong. I then witnessed each and every turn and hill—each and every lap and mile in every possible condition. Rain,hail,snow,cold and heat—you name it I was witnessing it. I witnessed how to pass the people in my race with ease.

The entire run was effortless and perfect. I finally woke up.
In 6 hours I had a race to go to—a 5k in the park.

I arrive at the start line. All my muscles loose and stretched. I’m already sweating. I feel confident and prepared. This will be my race I whisper over and over again,mentally of course.
“Runners. Set.”
The gun goes off and so do my legs. I follow the crowd and pass a few kids as I go. Only a few seconds later I realize there’s no difference between reality and the dream I had last night. I know the placement of each and every flower—each bump and each turn.

I don’t know if it was from practicing mile repeats each week leading up to this race or if by some miracle—but last night I dreamt my perfect race here.

I knew at that point I could win this race. It was effortless.

Rupert -An athlete, a writer , a Learner of life